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iSplay Configurator Software Application

*NEWSFLASH Windows 10 Compatibility (March 2016)*
Some users have reported compatibility issues after upgrading to windows 10.
We are working on an update to fully support Windows 10, but in the meantime
tests have shown that setting the application compatibility mode to Windows 7
should allow the application to work correcly.


  • On the Windows 10 desktop, right click on the "iSplay Configurator V2.2.1.4" shortcut icon and select Properties
  • Select the "Compatibility" tab
  • Check Run this program in compatibility mode and select Windows 7
  • Click OK

  • Also please note if installing the application on Windows 10, the driver install will fail (see below).
    However, Windows 10 should still find the iSplay device and it should show as a COM port in device Manager.

    Current Version
    V2.2.1.4 Re-packaged with Driver Installer to address Windows 7/8 driver issues.
    01 Jun 2012 iSplay Configurator V2.2.1.4 With Driver Fix
    For Use with Latest iSplay Firmware (V2.2.1)
    Supports Windows 2000,XP,Vista,7,8,8.1 32/64bit
    with Microsoft .NET 2.0 Runtime (see notes below)

    Previous Version Archive
    01 Jun 2012 Version History

    For Use with Latest iSplay Firmware (V2.2.1)
    17 Apr 2012 iSplay Configurator V2.2.1.4
    18 Apr 2011 iSplay Configurator V2.2.1.3

    For Use with older iSplay Firmware V2.0.0
    26 Nov 2010 iSplay Configurator V2.0.2.0
    26 Oct 2010 iSplay Configurator V2.0.1.25695
    04 Oct 2010 iSplay Configurator V2.0.0.2952

    Microsoft .NET 2.0 Runtime is required to run this application (see links below)
    You may need to download and install this if you have Windows 2000 or an early version on Windows XP and the application does not run. If you have windows 7 or Vista, Microsoft .NET 2.0 Runtime should already be installed on your PC.

    Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Service Pack 2
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